Guardsman Bureau invests heavily in our guard’s training, certification and development and all security guards employed by Guardsman Bureau are fully qualified. All guards must also hold a police clearance certificate, first aid certificate and are trained in identifying risks, ensuring these risks are assessed, controlled, or minimized. Clients will be sent reports on relevant threat and incident data and our emergency services are on hand 24/7 should you need them. Our guards range in experience from 1 or 2 years to 5+ years of security experience, from a variety of backgrounds.

Guardsman Bureau is in compliance with all statutory regulations. We understand that accidents happen sometimes, and we are always prepared for that. We have Ksh20,000,000 of liability insurance to cover all incidentals and to give you the true peace of mind you deserve. If you wish to see a copy, just let us know. We will be happy to provide the details upon request.

Guardsman Bureau installs home and business alarm systems that will comply with your insurance company’s requirements and may even lower premiums. Once your security system is armed, any intrusion or other action that activates an alarm is immediately reported to a 24-hour alarm monitoring control room. From there, our monitoring control room operators will keep you informed and if necessary, notify the police.

Yes! With modern pet sensitive motion sensors, you can secure your home in the knowledge that your pets can roam throughout your home/business.

Your alarm system has a backup battery and will still operate as normal. Our control room will be aware that there has been a mains failure and will do an area check to establish if the power is out in your neighbourhood. If yours is an isolated case, they will contact the key holder if the power has not restored within the hour or your designated response person to see why there is a power failure. If the power is out for a duration the monitoring station will notify the response person that the battery is low.

NO! We have no fixed term contracts however should you require one it is optional. If you wish to have your system monitored, we can provide all levels of alarm monitoring at competitive prices with no minimum term contracts to sign. Ask us about our various options.