Why Guardsman

  • Client trust and satisfaction due to our superior employee selection process, performance standards and staff retention.
  • Implementation of an expert, multi-faceted security program featuring Guardsman's wide array of services and cutting-edge technology.
  • Sustained service excellence assured by Guardsman's on-going performance review process and constant self-evaluation


The Secret to our success

We believe the secret to our success is no secret at all, simply Guardsman’s unique combination of:

Strong Team

Employee integrity, quality, professional performance, and overall commitment to excellence.

Client Focused

Client Focus and the recognition that our success begins and ends with satisfied clients.

Great Partnerships

Partnerships with our clients that are open, honest, mutually beneficial, and long-term business relationships.


Professionalism that provides the highest level of service with integrity.


Benchmarking our services and expertise against the best of the best, regardless of industry.

We are fully licensed and bonded, to provide you and your organization with: unique individual security solutions. We have top notch personnel with additional specialized training. Reputed and highest-caliber security backed by highest standards and quality control.